Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swatches- Revlon Super Lusrous lipstick in Sassy MauveMouve

Hi everyone!

In my previous post I mentioned the Revlon Lustrous lipsticks and here is swatch of the most recent shade I got- Sassy Mauve.

I am a fan of Revlon lipsticks and am interested to try more of their range, which sadly is not sold anymore where I live.

Back to the shade!

The actual color is deeper than in this picture! I bought this color after looking for swatches and after receiving it, I was surprised that it was deeper than the pictures were showing!
I like the packaging, nice and sturdy, closes firmly simply does the job. Nothing fancy but Revlon is not a luxury brand so whatever! We are here for the lipstick!

The shade looks like this on my lips ( maybe again, a tad deeper in real but I do not want to retouch swatch pictures!)

The formula is great, highly pigmented, glides on nicely and doesnt dry the lips. It last really well as the lipstick has somewhat solid feel to it, not overly greasy, if you know what I mean :) Doesn't sent into fine lines or emphasize dry areas on the lips.

The shade is a middle toned mauve, satin finish, not overly dry or too shiny. It  is the standard mauve color  and if you are looking for one, this lipstick is for you.

I hope you liked this post. Have a lovely day!
I would recommend it easily to anyone.

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